About Us


Moss Amigos is a locally owned South Bay business based in San Jose, California.

We founded Moss Amigos out of the belief that anyone can take care of a plant -- green thumb or not!

Moss Amigos are the easiest plants to take care of. All they need is love, light, and an occasional water change (they’re living, after all!)

They make the perfect little addition to bedrooms, office spaces, libraries, coffee shops, or any place in need of a pop of life.

Get your Moss Amigo today!

Contact: support@mossamigos.com

Environmental Impact 

Moss Amigos is proud to announce that we are offsetting our company’s ENTIRE carbon footprint and beyond by contributing to Pachama’s Jari Pará Project. Every single one of your purchases counts and contributes to bolstering our beloved global ecosystem. Here is how many trees the Moss Amigo Community has protected thus far: 


The project provides habitat to at least 2070 species of animal (133 of which are endangered), and at least 340 species of plants (54 of which are endangered). Given the project’s location, it forms an important ecological corridor with surrounding Conservation Units. Jari Pará also provides direct benefits to the hundreds of rural families whose livelihoods depend on the forest. The project runs a Technical Assistance and Rural Extension program to educate local stakeholders on sustainable agricultural practices. Further, Jari Pará uses revenue from carbon credit sales to build energy and communications infrastructure for the communities.

This program was carefully selected by the Founding Team and certified by the Verified Carbon Standard Group.

Our wish is that our valuable products not only bring you joy, but also fund high-impact environmental conservation efforts for our planet.