What are Amigo 2.0s? 

What are Amigo 2.0s? 

Amigo 2.0 are created using live biomass that envelops a buoyancy kernel to form your near-perfect spherical friend. We have moved away from traditional dead-core moss balls for a number of reasons. 


Amigo 2.0s basking in natural sunlight for the first time. 

Healthier Moss Balls.

Amigo 2.0s are much healthier and more vibrant than dead-core moss because they contain exponentially fewer dead cells. Dead biomass is a food source for non-Amigo microorganisms (bacteria, etc). [1] Bacterial infections (especially from unwashed human hands) are one of the big killers of moss balls. 
Amigo 2.0s being prepared for departure to a plant shop. 

Quality Control

Since they are composed of similar cores and born from the same biomass Amigo 2.0s have a standardized quality. Meaning that accessories should suit all moss similarly. 
Amigo 2.0s alongside an upcoming product
Two Amigo 2.0s next to an upcoming project. 

Structurally Integrity and Faster Growth.

The buoyancy kernel provides a host for the moss (aegagropila linnaei) and spurs growth faster than a dead-core moss ball. This is due to our Trade Secret method of transforming the algae’s morphology at our facilities in California.



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