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Become a Retail Partner

Learn why hundreds of stores are buying Made-in-USA moss balls for their shoppers.

  • Territory Protection

    Our retail partner stores are granted a zip-code monopoly and are the only shop in their neighborhoods allowed to sell our trademarked Moss Amigos brand. Once a store becomes an official Retail Partner their Territory is locked in as long as they have our product on their shelves every 60 days.

  • Safely Made-in-USA

    Our plant product is cultivated in California using Silicon Valley-based biotechnology. Our closed water system and biosecure facility ensures no pests or other harmful contaminants are mixed with our product supply.

    Learn more about our production process here. 
  • Digital Marketing

    All of our retail partner stores are supported online with our flagship Instgram community of nearly 60,000 followers strong and weekly ad campaigns with a 1 million person reach.

    Follow us on Instagram. We follow back official retail partners! 

What Other Shops Are Saying:

Check out how stores across America are merchandizing Moss Amigos for their shoppers