Care Guide

 For Moss Balls 

  1. Place the rocks into the jar and then fill with filtered water. 
  2. Gently place your clean moss ball from the hermetically sealed baggy into the water filled jar. 
  3. Change the water every 2-3 weeks or as needed

Frequently Asked Questions  

When is my Moss Amigo order arriving? 

Most Moss Amigo orders ship out in 1-2 business days depending on demand. We ship them First Class and Priority mail so that may take another 2-3 business days depending on how far your address is from our HQ in Northern California.   

How do I care for my Ball Moss Amigo? Do I need to switch the water out?

Moss Amigos are easy to take care of - whether you’ve got a green thumb or are a new plant parent! While these special plants are very low maintenance, there are a few things you can do to keep your moss ball looking cute and healthy! We recommend keeping your Moss Amigo out of direct sunlight and changing out its water every 2-3 weeks with filtered water. Check out our Moss Ball Care Guide for more tips! 


Will my Ball Moss Amigo retain its spherical shape?

Yes, with a little love and care! Marimo moss balls are native to lakes and other cool, aquatic environments where the movement of water helps them retain their round shape. If you notice your moss ball is starting to look flat or irregular, try taking it out of its jar and gently rolling it between your hands. This should encourage your Moss Amigo to maintain its classic spherical form!


How long will my Ball live?

Marimo moss balls can live for decades under the right conditions! In fact, the largest marimo moss ball in the world is over 200 years old! Following our simple care tips will help keep you and your moss friend happy for a very long time.


How big will my Ball get? 

Ball Moss Amigos are constantly growing and photosynthesizing! Marimo moss balls grow at an average rate of 5mm per year, so don’t worry, your Moss Amigo won’t outgrow its jar anytime soon!


Why is my Ball turning brown?

Uh oh, your Ball Moss Amigo might be getting a little too much sun! Marimo moss balls will start to brown if their environment is too warm. Try moving your moss ball to a cooler location (somewhere with indirect or minimal light) and changing out the water. Gently rinsing out your moss ball and adding a healthy pinch of salt to your jar can also help your Moss Amigo return to its natural green color within a week or two! 


I love my tiny Moss Amigo hat! Can I keep it on 24/7?

We love that you’re having fun with our Moss Amigo accessories and letting your moss ball’s personality shine! We recommend taking the hat off after you’re done playing dress up. This will ensure your hat stays in good condition for the next time you want to show it off!


Other questions or concerns? We’d love to help! Contact the Moss Amigos team!

(written by Laura Duffy) 


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