Urban Garden: Santa Rosa's Premier Destination for Plants & Gifts

Urban Garden: Santa Rosa's Premier Destination for Plants & Gifts

Urban Garden has been an integral part of Santa Rosa, California for 20 years, thriving on plants' joy in people's lives. As a prominent Santa Rosa California plant shop, Urban Garden has become a local favorite, offering a wide selection of plants and gardening essentials that cater to beginner and seasoned botanists alike.

Comprehensive Selection for Garden and Home

Comprehensive selection for garden and home

Urban Garden offers everything from stylish outdoor furniture, houseplants, and practical gardening tools to unique home decor and thoughtful gift options. Their extensive range ensures every visitor finds something special, supporting their mission to make homes and gardens beautiful and functional. Among their offerings, houseplants in Santa Rosa have become particularly popular, providing a green touch to any indoor space.

Location: 1414 4th Street, Ste 101, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Moss Amigos: A Touch of Magic in Every Sphere

At Urban Garden, Moss Amigos moss balls have become a beloved part of the inventory. These small, vibrant spheres of green are perfect for customers looking for a low-maintenance plant that adds life and charm to any space. The popularity of Moss Amigos at Urban Garden underscores the community's love for unique and easy-to-care-for plants. The popularity of Moss Amigos at this Santa Rosa California plant shop underscores the community's love for unique and easy-to-care-for plants.

Serving the Community with Passion and Care

Urban Garden is more than just a place to buy plants; it's a vital part of the Santa Rosa community. Known for its excellent customer service, the store offers free parking, gift wrapping, and a friendly atmosphere that makes every visit pleasant. 

As one of the few local gift shops, Urban Garden is a preferred destination for those looking for the perfect gift in Santa Rosa.

A Destination for Garden Enthusiasts and Gift Seekers

Whether you're enhancing your garden, decorating your home, or searching for a unique gift, Urban Garden provides diverse products. Voted as one of Sonoma County's favorite gift stores year after year, Urban Garden is a treasure trove of gardening goods, home decor, and more.

Come and see why Urban Garden has earned a reputation for quality, value, and community service. Visit them to experience a local garden shop where buying plants is a joyous occasion, and every item tells a story of beauty and care.

For more information about our offerings or to plan your visit, check out their social media pages, or contact them directly:

Urban Garden invites you to explore our collection and join our community of plant lovers and garden enthusiasts in Santa Rosa.

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