Busy? Here Are the Top 5 Low-Maintenance Plants

Busy? Here Are the Top 5 Low-Maintenance Plants

Life's busy enough without the added pressure of keeping houseplants alive, right? That's why we've rounded up the top 5 low-maintenance plants perfect for those who love greenery but have too much on their plate. These aren't just any plants; they're survivors, ready to add life to your space without demanding much in return. Curious about which plants made the list? 

Moss Amigos Moss Ball 

Moss Amigos Moss Ball

The Moss Amigos moss ball is like that low-key friend who's cool just hanging out, no fuss needed. It's a champion among low-maintenance plants, not just for its tiny green globe that sits quietly in its bowl, but also for its incredible lifespan, with the potential to live up to 200 years old

Bringing a peaceful vibe to your desk or shelf without asking for much, just a splash of water now and then, it's the perfect little buddy. 

This plant offers simplicity and a long-term commitment to your space, ideal for busy folks who love a bit of green but can't deal with high-maintenance relationships.

Care Tips

  • Change the water every two weeks
  • Prefers cooler, indirect light
  • Give it a gentle swirl to maintain its shape (check this tool. It’s very useful! ^_^)

Snake Plant

snake plant

The Snake Plant is the ultimate survivor, practically thriving on your forgetfulness. 

With striking leaves that add a modern touch, it's another stellar example of low-maintenance plants that make your air cleaner with zero complaints, even if you ignore it for a bit. 

Perfect for those of us running on a tight schedule but still wanting fresh air at home.

Care Tips

  • Water only when the soil is dry
  • Happy in any light, from low to bright
  • Rarely needs to be repotted

ZZ Plant

zz plant

Meet the ZZ Plant - it's glossy, it's green, and it's virtually indestructible. This plant doesn't need much to shine, making it a shiny beacon of hope for the plant-loving yet time-poor among us. 

Its thick leaves can store water, so even if you skip a watering (or two), it won't hold a grudge. A low-light lover, the ZZ is your go-to for bringing life to those darker corners.

Care Tips

  • Water sparingly, every 2-3 weeks
  • Thrives in low to bright indirect light
  • Dust the leaves occasionally for extra shine



Pothos is like that effortlessly cool friend who just knows how to brighten up a place without trying too hard. Its trailing vines and leaves will make any space feel more alive, even if it's tucked away in a less sunny spot. 

Forgetful waterers, rejoice; the Pothos are forgiving and will keep on growing.

Care Tips

  • Let the soil dry out between waterings
  • Enjoys low to bright indirect sunlight
  • Trim the vines to keep them bushy and full

Peace Lily

peace lily

The Peace Lily is elegant, with its glossy leaves and graceful white blooms that seem to float above the foliage. It's a gentle reminder of nature's beauty, asking so little to thrive—just a bit of water and to be kept out of direct sunlight. It's the perfect plant for adding a touch of class to your busy life, purifying your air, and soothing your soul.

Care Tips

  • Keep the soil lightly moist
  • Prefers shade or medium indirect light
  • Mist the leaves in drier environments


Embracing low-maintenance plants is the perfect strategy for adding a touch of nature to your home without adding to your to-do list. These plants prove that you don't need to sacrifice beauty for ease, offering various options to suit any busy lifestyle. They're not just about saving time but about enriching your space with minimal effort, making every moment at home more enjoyable.

Discover more about how the Moss Amigos moss ball can redefine your space with its unique charm and centuries-long lifespan.


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