Top 3: What Are Pet Friendly Plants? Find Out!

Top 3: What Are Pet Friendly Plants? Find Out!

Imagine you've just brought home a lively new dog, and your home is their new world to explore. With their safety at the forefront of your mind, you find yourself wondering, "What are pet friendly plants?" as you gaze at your collection of indoor greenery. 

You're on a mission to discover which plants can safely share the space with your new companion, ensuring their curious sniffs and nibbles won't lead to any vet visits. It's about creating a safe, shared haven that nurtures both your botanical interests and your pet's health.

Why Pet Friendly Plants?

Adding plants to our homes is more than just decorating; it's about making our spaces welcoming and healthy.

However, it's key to remember that while we might love all types of plants, not every plant loves our pets back. Some can be harmful if our pets decide to taste-test them. This is why choosing pet-safe plants matters. They let us keep our homes green and our pets out of trouble. 

By selecting the right plants, we create a home where our pets can roam freely without us worrying about their safety. This way, everyone can enjoy fresh air, a touch of nature, and peace of mind.

Now, Here Are The Top 3 Pet Friendly House Plants

Moss Amigos Moss Ball 

moss amigos moss ball what are pet friendly plants

Moss Amigos moss balls stand out when you're sifting through options on "what are pet friendly plants." 

These moss balls make your space lively and safe for pets. They go well with unique houseplants that brighten up your home.

They are completely safe, even if your furry friends are curious enough to poke around or have a taste. What makes Moss Amigos especially appealing is their simplicity in care—requiring only a change of water every couple of weeks and some indirect sunlight. 

This ease of maintenance, coupled with their non-toxic nature, positions them as an excellent choice for pet owners wanting to bring a bit of nature indoors without compromising their pets' safety.

  • Origin: Japan, thriving in cool lake waters
  • Pet Safe: 100% safe for pets, posing no risk if investigated or nibbled on

Still wondering why? Read more here: Are Moss Balls Pets? What You Should Know

Spider Plant 

spider plant what are pet friendly plants

The Spider Plant is renowned for its air-purifying properties and its status as a non-toxic plant, making it an excellent choice for households with pets. This plant's resilience and the ease with which it grows make it ideal for those new to gardening or pet owners concerned about plant safety. 

Spider Plants are known to be incredibly forgiving and can thrive in various environments, requiring only moderate sunlight and occasional watering. Their non-toxicity ensures that even if pets decide to taste them, they won't suffer any harm. 

The Spider Plant can also produce oxygen while removing toxins from the air, creating a healthier living environment for you and your pets.

  • Benefits: Excellent air purifier; completely safe for pets
  • Why It's Great: Low maintenance; thrives in varied conditions

Parlor Palm 

parlor palm what are pet friendly plants

The Parlor Palm is a staple in the pet friendly plant community for its elegant appearance and its non-toxic nature, making it a safe choice for indoor environments shared with pets. This palm prefers low-light conditions, making it perfect for corners of your home that need a touch of greenery but don't get a lot of sunlight. 

It's an ideal plant for pet owners looking for something stylish yet safe, as its leaves do not pose any risk to pets

The Parlor Palm requires minimal care, thriving in indirect light and needing water only when the top inch of soil dries out.

  • Safety: Non-toxic, making it safe for pets to be around
  • Decor Value: Adds elegance to any space, suitable for low-light areas


In answering the question "What are pet friendly plants," we've highlighted Moss Amigos moss balls, Spider Plants, and Parlor Palms as the top picks for 2024, perfect for pet owners looking to combine home aesthetics with safety. Your experiences and additional suggestions are invaluable to us and the community, so feel free to share them in the comments. Let's continue to create safe, vibrant spaces for our pets and plants to coexist. 

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