Sweet & Knot: Scappoose’s Home for Plant Lovers and Local Art

Sweet & Knot: Scappoose’s Home for Plant Lovers and Local Art

Located in the heart of Scappoose, Oregon, Sweet & Knot stands out as the sole plant shop in the area, dedicated to nurturing a love for plants among its community members. Owned by a local who has been a vibrant part of this community for 42 years, the shop is a lively spot that brings the joy of plant parenting to everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Moss Amigos: A Touch of Green for Every Space

Moss Amigos

Sweet & Knot features Moss Amigos prominently, recognizing them as ideal gifts for their minimal care requirements. These charming moss balls have become particularly popular among college students, providing a touch of green that thrives even in busy dorm life. They are perfect for anyone looking to start their plant journey with something simple and beautiful.

Location: 33455 SW JP West Rd, Scappoose, Oregon 97056

A Hub for Local Creativity and Learning

More than just a plant shop, Sweet & Knot is a local favorite that supports the broader community by featuring products from 25 local artists, ranging from home decor to unique jewelry. 

The store not only sells plants but also becomes a center for creativity through its workshops, which include macrame and terrarium building, inviting people to learn and engage in hands-on activities.

Diverse Offerings for All Plant and Art Lovers

Sweet and knot diverse offerings

Visitors to Sweet & Knot can find a variety of products and services designed to enhance any home or garden:

  • Plant Hangers: Crafted to showcase plants beautifully in any space.
  • Unique Jewelry: Including earrings that add a touch of nature-inspired style.
  • Graze Tables and Cakes: Perfect for any gathering or special occasion.
  • Owl-themed Products: A nod to nature lovers looking for something special.
  • And many more!

Join a Workshop or Explore the Artistry

Sweet & Knot isn’t just a place to buy plants and gifts; it's a venue where the community gathers to create and share. With regular workshops on macrame and terrarium creation, it offers unique experiences that connect people to their creative sides and to each other.

Visit Sweet & Knot

Step into Sweet & Knot at their location in Scappoose to explore a world of plants and art, or check out their offerings on various online platforms. Whether you’re looking to greenify your space, pick up a unique gift, or dive into a new hobby, Sweet & Knot welcomes you with open arms and a friendly smile.

Contact Sweet & Knot:

Sweet & Knot is more than just a plant shop—it’s a cornerstone of the Scappoose community, fostering connections through the beauty of flora and the arts.

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