Somewhere That’s Green – Where Plants and Passion Bloom in Bend

Somewhere That’s Green – Where Plants and Passion Bloom in Bend

Established in 2018, Somewhere That’s Green plant shoppe has quickly become a hallmark of the Bend community, known for its commitment to sustainable living and community engagement. Located in the historic Maker’s District, this shop is not just a place to buy plants—it’s a venue where the love for botany meets a passion for eco-friendly practices.

Dedicated to Eco-Conscious Plant Cultivation

At Somewhere That's Green, you enter a botanical sanctuary where every plant—from over 600 species. This diverse range perfectly suits all levels of plant enthusiasts. Whether you're taking your first step into plant care or are a seasoned collector seeking rare species, the shop’s commitment to quality and sustainability helps foster a greener lifestyle.

Location: 1017 NE 2nd St, Bend, OR

Centrally Located in Bend’s Vibrant Cultural Scene

Somewhere That's Green is more than just a plant shop; it’s a distinguished plant nursery in Bend, Oregon. Situated in the historic Maker’s District, this location isn't just a backdrop but an integral part of the experience. Here, historical charm meets a modern approach to plant care, creating a unique, enriching environment for every visitor. 

Moss Amigos: Effortlessly Stylish Greenery

moss amigos

The moss balls from Moss Amigos are particularly popular, resonating with customers for their simple elegance and minimal care requirements. These stylish green additions integrate seamlessly into any decor, enhancing living spaces with a splash of green and a promise of low maintenance, embodying the shop’s ethos of combining beauty with environmental responsibility.

A Thriving Cultural and Educational Hub

Somewhere That’s Green goes beyond traditional retail, serving as a crucial educational and community hub. The upcoming educational web series on plant care and propagation is just one facet of its educational initiatives. It aims to empower you with the knowledge to nurture your plants and cultivate a more sustainable home environment.

Rich Event and Workshop Opportunities

The shop regularly hosts various events and workshops catering to beginners and advanced plant lovers. These sessions range from basic plant care to advanced botanical techniques, offering hands-on experiences that teach and help forge a community of plant enthusiasts.

Rich Event and Workshop Opportunities

Check their schedule at Somewhere That’s Green Events for upcoming workshops like terrarium building and sustainable gardening, designed to enhance your skills and connect you with fellow green thumbs.


Visiting Somewhere That’s Green is an adventure into a world where community and green living thrive. Open from Wednesday to Monday, 10 am to 6 pm, it's not just a place to shop for plants but a community hub where you can truly immerse yourself in the local culture and learn from each plant and event. This shop is a sanctuary for those who cherish growth—both in their gardens and in relationships within the community.

For those who cannot visit in person, the full inventory is also available online. Explore various plants and sustainable gardening tools by visiting the Somewhere That's Green online shop.

For further engagement or to get involved with this vibrant community, contact them at, or follow their enriching journey on Instagram at Somewhere That's Green.

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