Planted: Carmel's Premier Destination for Plant Lovers

Planted: Carmel's Premier Destination for Plant Lovers

Situated in the charming town of Carmel-By-The-Sea, Planted stands out as a sanctuary for those who believe they lack a green thumb. Guided by a legacy steeped in gardening expertise, the store owner leverages decades of experience to help every visitor find their perfect plant match.

Expert Care Tailored to Your Needs

At Planted, every customer's journey toward plant ownership is supported with personalized advice and dedicated service. Beyond just selling plants, the store provides comprehensive plant consultations and tailored care strategies for home and office environments, ensuring each plant thrives in its setting.

Location: San Carlos between 7th & 8th Stonehouse Terrace, Carmel, California 93921

Moss Amigos: Perfect Companions for the Modern Traveler

Moss Amigos

Recognizing the needs of their clientele, Planted Monterey  offers Moss Amigos moss balls as an ideal solution for those seeking beauty with minimal maintenance. These moss balls fit perfectly into the lives of both busy travelers and those new to plant care, offering a simple yet delightful way to bring greenery into various spaces.

Dedicated to Enriching Lives Through Plants

Planted Monterey aims to enrich the community's living spaces with a commitment that goes beyond mere transactions.  Whether through on-site services or interactive events like Paint Your Own Pot Parties, the store ensures that each client leaves not just with a plant but with a new piece of knowledge and a greater appreciation for nature.

Why Choose Planted?

Planted in Carmel offers more than just plants; it offers a chance to enhance your living or working space with perfectly suited greenery backed by expert guidance. Whether decorating your first home, looking for a unique gift, or wanting to green your office space, Planted Monterey provides a fulfilling and educational experience.

Discover more about Planted and how they can help you transform your space with the right plants:

Step into Planted to experience a world where each plant tells a story, and every visit leaves you a little more connected to the Earth.

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