Inscape Plant Co: Oregon's Plant Oasis in Sisters

Inscape Plant Co: Oregon's Plant Oasis in Sisters

Located in the center of Sisters, Oregon, Inscape Plant Co. is a unique destination for garden enthusiasts. Founded by Danielle in November 2023, the store represents the realization of a long-held dream to create a space where art, design, and botany intersect. 

With a background in letterpress and floral design, Danielle's transition to owning a plant shop was driven by her passion for botanicals and her commitment to enhancing the local community's connection to plant life.

A New Leaf in Plant Retail

Inscape Plant Co has quickly become a cornerstone of the Sisters community, offering a unique indoor plant shopping experience that was previously unavailable in the area. The store provides a carefully curated selection of plants, supplies, and goods, making it a perfect spot for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Location: 161 E Cascade Ave, Suite E, Sisters, OR 97759

Moss Amigos: A Natural Fit for Inscape Plant Co

Moss Amigos

The inclusion of Moss Amigos' products, particularly the moss balls, has enriched Inscape Plant Co's diverse plant collection. These moss balls not only serve as a focal point of interest due to their unique appearance and low maintenance needs but also spark conversations among customers, enhancing their shopping experience. Whether visitors find the moss balls fascinating or quirky, they always leave Inscape Plant Co with a new appreciation for these special plants.

Deepening Roots in the Community

Since its launch, Inscape Plant Co. has enhanced the variety of local stores and galleries that honor and encourage regional artists and business owners in Sisters by occupying a significant gap.  

Inscape Plant Co plant shelves

The store's presence has been embraced by the community, with residents and visitors expressing their delight at having a dedicated plant shop in town. The positive feedback underscores the store’s role in not just selling plants but also in fostering a greater appreciation for green spaces.

Visit Inscape Plant Co

Located at 161 E Cascade Ave, Suite E, Sisters, OR 97759, Inscape Plant Co invites you to explore their world of plants and discover how you can bring a piece of nature into your home or office. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM, the store promises an inspiring experience for anyone looking to enhance their living spaces with beautiful, healthy plants.

Visit Inscape Plant Co. and let Danielle and her team assist you in selecting the ideal plant to complement your interior design and way of life. Inscape Plant Co. is your go-to plant store in Sisters, Oregon, whether you're new to gardening or want to expand your collection.

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