Cultivate Jax: A Hub of Greenery and Community in Jacksonville

Cultivate Jax: A Hub of Greenery and Community in Jacksonville

Cultivate Jax is more than just a retail space—it's a vital part of the local fabric where eco-friendliness and community spirit come alive. Known as a premier plant shop in Jacksonville, it has been an active community member for 7 years. The owner passionately promotes green living and local entrepreneurship, making it a cornerstone for eco-conscious shoppers and local garden enthusiasts.

Eco-Friendly Products for a Sustainable Lifestyle

At Cultivate Jax, every item on the shelves and every plant in the pots reflects a commitment to the environment and ethical business practices. 

This includes a comprehensive range of products, from soil and seeds that encourage sustainable gardening to home goods that combine practicality with respect for nature. Here, shoppers find items that help them live responsibly without sacrificing style or functionality.

Location: 2766 Park St Jacksonville FL 32205

Moss Amigos: Adding Green with Ease and Style

Moss Amigos

Moss Amigos has quickly become a highlight at Cultivate Jax. Easy to maintain and perfect for adding a bit of green to any space, Moss Amigos resonates with customers looking for a pet-friendly and creative way to decorate their homes. Their popularity is a testament to how well they mesh with the store’s focus on products as fun as they are sustainable.

A Hub for Local Makers and Community Engagement

Cultivate Jax is deeply connected to Jacksonville’s creative community, supporting over 50 local makers by providing a platform where small businesses and artists can showcase their work. This not only helps them reach a broader audience but also contributes to a thriving local economy. 

Kitchen and Cooking Classes Space

Cultivate Jax Kitchen and Cooking Classes Space

Cultivate Jax offers a well-equipped kitchen space that is perfect for hosting intimate cooking classes or small gatherings. 

The kitchen can accommodate up to 8 people and includes modern amenities such as:

  • Electric stove top
  • Three convection ovens
  • 3-compartment sink
  • Hand sink
  • Small commercial refrigerator

This space is ideal for culinary enthusiasts looking to share their skills or learn new techniques in a cozy, personal setting.

Backyard for Larger Gatherings and Workshops

Cultivate jax Backyard for Larger Gatherings and Workshops

For larger events, Cultivate Jax's spacious backyard provides an excellent venue. It can accommodate up to 35 people, making it suitable for hosting various workshops and events focusing on gardening, healthy living, and creative arts. 

The area has a 69" x 29" table and 20 fold-up chairs, offering flexibility for different setups and activities. This outdoor space is integral to the store's community-building mission and the promotion of sustainable practices.

For a closer look at the exciting workshops they offer, explore Cultivate Jax's workshop schedule and plan your next visit.


Cultivate Jax offers Jacksonville a warm, welcoming place to shop, learn, and connect. It’s a store where every purchase supports the local economy and contributes to a more sustainable world. As the premier Plant Shop in Jacksonville, it fosters both community growth and environmental stewardship."

To learn more about their events or to rent a space, visit them at 2766 Park St, Jacksonville. For those planning a visit, the Cultivate Jax hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. For more details or to follow their community contributions, check out their social media and connect:

Experience the community spirit and commitment to sustainability at Cultivate Jax today!

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