Angels Floral Creations

Angels Floral Creations: A Gem in Brooklyn, Michigan

Angels Floral Creations in Brooklyn, Michigan, is a cherished flower shop with 15 years of history. Led by a local with deep ties to the area, this shop exemplifies the warmth and spirit of the community it serves. 

Here, every bloom tells a story of connection and shared joy between the residents and their love for nature.

Community Roots Run Deep

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The people behind Angels Floral Creations aren't just business owners; they're community members through and through. 

Having grown up in Brooklyn, their connection to the area is palpable, not just in years but in their dedication to making it a brighter place. Their love for plants and flowers goes beyond aesthetics; it's about bringing happiness and a sense of well-being to homes and offices alike. 

Location: 131 North Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230

Moss Amigos: A Whimsical Addition

angels floral creations moss amigos

Moss Amigos incorporates Made-in-USA moss balls into their inventory because they contribute to the store's whimsical atmosphere. 

These spherical algae are more than just plants; they serve as conversation starters and add a distinctive element to the shop's varied selection.

Amidst other blooms and greenery, Moss balls are noticeable for their uniqueness, appealing to customers seeking to diversify their plant collections or those searching for a low-maintenance aquatic companion.

Serving the Broader Neighborhood

Angels Floral Creations goes beyond being a traditional flower shop. Their commitment to the Brooklyn area shines through their daily delivery services, including the local hospital, ensuring fresh flowers regularly brighten up various spaces. 

Moreover, as event specialists, they play a pivotal role in most local weddings and events, crafting floral arrangements that capture the essence of each occasion.

angels floral creations wedding


Angels Floral Creations is more than just a place to buy flowers and plants; it's a vital part of the Brooklyn, Michigan, community. Their dedication to spreading joy and beauty, deep community ties, and unique offerings like Moss Amigos moss balls embody what it means to be a local business that serves and uplifts its neighborhood. 

Ready to brighten your space with some beautiful plants or need expert advice for your next big event? Reach out to them at or (517) 592-9270.

Don’t forget to follow them on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for a daily dose of greenery and inspiration. Discover their latest floral arrangements, get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks, and stay up-to-date with everything whimsical in the world of plants and flowers.

Let Angels Floral Creations add a little extra joy to your life today!

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