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Oasis Berry Facial Mask

Oasis Berry Facial Mask

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The Oasis Berry is inspired by the hardy plants of the desert and their ability to retain moisture and beauty. This cotton silk blend mask was drenched in an aloe rich serum due to the plant’s ability to thrive in hot, dry climates. The Ectoin is used as an émollient that helps prevent UVA-induced premature photoaging (aka sun damage). For best results, please be adequately hydrated and have 7-8 hours of restful sleep before use.  

Structural Properties 

Moss Amigo Facial Masks are constructed using our proprietary cotton-silk blend. The silk is harvested from the natural cocoons of the bombyx mori (a specialized species of moth dedicated to luxury silk garment production). After careful extraction, this special protein fiber is spun into long filaments and woven into the main cotton textile for our masks. The finished product resembles high-end organza fabric that exudes shimmery and translucent quality. 

Benefits of using our cotton-silk blend: 

Maximizes almost every single drop. Our hydrophilic material optimizes serum absorbency so you get the most out of every Moss Amigo facial mask. 

Built-in material flexibility. The unique blend of cotton-silk provides a one-size-fits all structure that allows our masks to perfectly contour to your individual face. 

Strong fibers with a beautiful appearance. Cotton and silk are some of the strongest natural fibers on the planet. Blended together they form a hardy mask with a gorgeous sheen, giving it a high-end and luxurious appeal.

Ingredient Delivery Method 

Unlike lotions or creams, Moss Amigo Facial Masks are completely drenched and saturated with specialized serums that are lightweight and designed to sink deeply into the skin. Upon application they deliver an intensive dose of ingredients to nearly every surface of the face. Each one of our serum formulations are built to deliver different benefits, but they all undergo the same quality assurance processes to meet Moss Amigo high standards. 

Light molecular weight. Our serums have a lighter molecular weight compared to typical moisturizer or creams. That allows deeper delivery into your skin versus other pure surface level topicals. 

Occlusive Design for complete delivery. The chemical composition of many serums causes them to evaporate if they’re left out in the open air for too long. Our mask’s sealed occlusive design ensures that your covered skin gets the ingredients and not the atmosphere. 

Ethical for all. Our masks are proudly cruelty free. We do not believe in torturing animals to test ingredients that are already proven safe. 

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