Exploring Moonstone’s Secrets: 6 Facts You Didn’t Know

Exploring Moonstone’s Secrets: 6 Facts You Didn’t Know

Moonstone has a unique glow that draws the eye, similar to the moon's light. We've combined this fascinating gem with our Moss Amigo moss ball to create something unique: the Moonstone Moss Amigos. 

This combination is more than just visually pleasing; it's a smart blend of nature and the delicate beauty of moonstone. Curious about how this gem complements our moss balls and why it's a good fit for your space? Let's find out.

Fact #1: The Science of Moonstone

Moonstone gleams with an internal light, resulting from its feldspar composition. This layered mineral interplay gives rise to its signature adularescence, creating a visual effect akin to moonlit water. The most exquisite specimens, predominantly found in Sri Lanka and India, are celebrated for their unparalleled clarity and ethereal blue shimmer.

Fact #2: The Variety of Moonstone

This gemstone's palette is rich and varied, offering shades from pure, moonlit translucency to deep, enigmatic black. 

Yet, it's the rare, electric blue moonstones, free from any yellowish or green tints, that are considered the pinnacle of quality. Such pieces are treasures, marking the zenith of moonstone's natural beauty.

Fact #3: Moonstone Through the Ages

Moonstone has been valued from when the Romans regarded it as solidified moonlight, to its revered status with the Greeks who saw it as connected to lunar gods. This gemstone's captivating quality, observed by Pliny the Elder, was believed to change with the moon's phases, a fascination that endured into the Renaissance. 

Named after the mineral adularia, found near Mt. Adular, the moonstone is recognized as June's third birthstone. 

Its journey through the ages, prominently featuring in both the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements, showcases its perpetual appeal, making it a consistently chosen gem for its timeless beauty.

Fact #4: Cultural Significance

From Asian shores, where legends spoke of blue moonstones brought in by the tide every 21 years, to India, where it's considered a harbinger of good luck and a traditional wedding gift, moonstone's cultural footprint is vast. Its story is interwoven with tales of love, destiny, and the mystic, reflecting humanity's enduring fascination with this celestial stone.

Fact #5: Moonstone and Jewelry: From Ancient Times to Modern Trends

Moonstone has moved through history, adorning the elegant works of the Art Nouveau era to the handcrafted pieces of the Arts and Crafts movement and into the hands of hippies and New Age designers. 

Its significance was further cemented when Florida declared it the state gemstone in 1970, in homage to the lunar missions, despite its earthly origins and absence on the moon, illustrating its symbolic connection to exploration and wonder.

Fact #6: Geological Rarity

Moonstone's rarity comes from its specific formation and the conditions needed for its creation. Although it is derived from one of Earth's most common minerals, top-quality moonstone is rare. This rarity is highlighted by its adularescence, an effect of the layered structure of orthoclase and albite within the gem. This unique feature and specific inclusions set it apart and add to its value.

Finding fine-quality moonstone, especially in larger sizes, is increasingly difficult. The main sources of high-quality moonstone are in Sri Lanka and Southern India. The rainbow variety, highly prized among collectors, is primarily found in India and Madagascar. Due to these factors, fine specimens are particularly rare and highly desired.

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Exploring Moonstone Moss Amigos creates a one-of-a-kind item for any setting. It's a mix of nature and beauty, emphasizing the beauty of merging jewels and natural components.

Interested in exploring more about gemstones? Check out our Moss Amigos blog for more fascinating insights!


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