What is a Moss Amigo? A Guide for Plant Store Managers

What is a Moss Amigo? A Guide for Plant Store Managers

Imagine your customers' faces lighting up as they discover something truly special on your shelves. Moss Amigos are those delightful, easy-care plants that everyone will love. These charming moss balls add a playful, modern touch to any space. 

Keep reading to see why Moss Amigos will quickly become a favorite and how easy it is to stock them in your store.

What is a Moss Amigo?

Moss Amigos

Moss Amigos are not just moss balls; they are little green friends with personalities! They come in various sizes, perfect for different spaces and customer needs:

  • Moss Amigo: The biggest of all, designed to be the centerpiece of any display or living space.
  • Moss Chico: Perfect for making a statement in any room.
  • Moss Rico: Slightly bigger, great for desktops, small shelves, and as cute gifts.
  • Moss Niño: The tiniest buddy, ideal for cozy nooks, small desks, and tight spaces.

Each Moss Amigo comes in a stylish jar with a lid, ensuring they stay fresh and vibrant. These jars are not only functional but also add a decorative element to any space, making them perfect for green home decor.

Now, What are Amigo 2.0s?

Moss Amigos 2.0

Amigo 2.0s is a new and improved version of our beloved Moss Amigos. They are made using live biomass that surrounds a buoyant core, forming a near-perfect spherical friend. We've moved away from traditional dead-core moss balls for several reasons:

  • Healthier Moss Balls: Amigo 2.0s are healthier and more vibrant because they have far fewer dead cells. Dead biomass can attract harmful bacteria, which can damage moss balls.
  • Quality Control: Since all Amigo 2.0s have similar cores and come from the same biomass, they have a consistent quality. This means accessories will fit all moss balls perfectly.
  • Structural Integrity and Faster Growth: The buoyant core supports the moss and encourages faster growth due to our unique method of transforming the algae’s structure at our facilities in California.

Why Moss Amigos Will Fly Off Your Shelves  

Jar pets with rose quartz moss amigo
  1. Unique and Trendy: Moss Amigos are not your typical houseplants. They bring a fresh, modern vibe that appeals to all age groups, especially millennials and Gen Z.
  2. Easy Care: Perfect for busy people, Moss Amigos require minimal care—just a bit of indirect light and occasional water changes. They are ideal for beginners or those who want a hassle-free plant experience.
  3. Personalization: Customers can customize their Moss Amigos with a variety of gemstones like rose quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and amazonite. Explore Our Collection of Unique Gemstones to add a personal touch and a splash of color, making each Moss Amigo unique.
  4. Fun Accessories: Dress up Moss Amigos with plant accessories like country hats and beanies. These little touches make them even more appealing and gift-worthy.

Perks for Retailers

Perks for retailers

Partnering with Moss Amigos comes with fantastic perks designed to support your business:

  • High Re-Order Rate: Our re-order rate is in the top 30% of FAIRE's 85,000+ brands, showing how much our partners love us.
  • 99% Sell-Through Rate: Our products move quickly off the shelves, ensuring you get great returns on your investment.
  • No Minimum Order: Flexibility is key, so we don’t require a minimum order, making it easy to stock up as needed.
  • Fast Shipping: We pride ourselves on our super fast shipping, getting your products to you without delay.
  • Accidental Shipping Coverage: We offer coverage for any shipping mishaps, giving you peace of mind.
  • Responsive Team: Our team is responsive and easygoing, ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

How to Stock Moss Amigos in Your Store

Bringing Moss Amigos to your shelves is easy and convenient. You can order through our website or via FAIRE:

  • Faire Benefits: Enjoy $100 off your first order, a year of free shipping, the ability to buy now and pay 60 days later, plus free returns on your first order. These benefits make it risk-free to try out Moss Amigos in your store.

Visit us here: Faire Moss Amigos

  • Website Orders: Visit Moss Amigos to explore our full range and place your order. Our website is user-friendly, with clear categories, detailed product descriptions, and high-quality images to help you make the best choices for your store.

Keeping Your Store Inventory Fresh

To keep your inventory exciting and encourage repeat customers, regularly rotate the gemstones and plant accessories. This not only keeps your display fresh but also entices customers to return and expand their Moss Amigos collection.

Learn more here: The Importance of Fresh Inventory in Plant Stores

Warranty and Support

Most Moss Amigos come with a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary support. For extended coverage, consider purchasing Moss Care+. If you have any issues, email us at support@mossamigos.com with the following information:

  • Date of purchase
  • For Retailers: Location and FAIRE Order #
  • For Individuals: Direct website Order #
  • Detailed description and a photo of the issue (e.g., ball fell apart, jar cracked).

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials

Don't just take our word for it — our customers love us! 

With over 1350+ certified reviews, Moss Amigos has a proven track record of delighting plant enthusiasts. Check out our website to read what our happy customers have to say and see how Moss Amigos can make a difference in your store.

Let's Grow Together

At Moss Amigos, we believe in bringing joy and a bit of nature into every home. We sell exclusively through locally owned shops and online, ensuring quality and uniqueness.

For more information or to place an order, visit Moss Amigos today!

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